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New ISPreview Survey/Poll
By: MarkJ - 06 November, 2006 (9:03 AM)

We've just uploaded a new poll, which asks: "On average, how fast is your current home connection (closest)?" (vote for the closest choice). Results from the previous month’s poll can be found below:

Which time of year causes you to go online the most?

Has no bearing - 71.7%
Winter - 24.8%
Summer - 2%
Autumn - 1.1%
Spring - 0.1%

Total Votes = 684

The majority clearly felt as if their online usage remained unaffected by the time of year (seasons). Unsurprisingly 'Winter' is the odd one out (unpleasant outside), with 25% being more likely to go online at that time of year than any other. Summer, Autumn and Spring barely registered.

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