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October SPAM Levels See Unwelcome Increase
By: MarkJ - 02 November, 2006 (8:58 AM)

Security firm SoftScan has reported that junk e-mail (SPAM) accounted for a whopping 89.07% of all messages during October! Meanwhile e-mail viruses have continued to decline:

The security firm warned that, unlike during the summer months which can create misleading statistics on spam levels as the amount of legitimate email drops [Holidays = less work e-mail etc.], the latest rise is all due to additional spam.

Spam levels reached a record breaking 96 per cent in early October, supporting estimates that the trend over the whole month has been much higher than in the past two months.

Virus levels remained low during October, however, accounting for just 0.41 per cent of email scanned by SoftScan. Phishing still remains the predominant threat.

The VNUNet item also goes on to outline how 'Image' (picture) based junk messages have become much more popular, perhaps because of their ability to circumvent older filtering technology.

Just how much longer must this continue before governments wake up to the fact that newer anti-SPAM laws simply do not work?

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