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NS/EzeeDSL Remove V21's Walled Garden
By: MarkJ - 23 November, 2006 (9:21 AM)

Ex-V Two One (V21/Biscit) customers that haven’t adopted an EzeeDSL package will now no longer be presented with a walled garden website after connecting:

NETSERVICES plc, the wholesale provider of broadband services to Biscit CSP Limited (formerly V21.co.uk Limited trading as V Two One) and ezeeDSL (the preferred provider) who brought in an offer to lifeline customers, have today agreed to remove the walled garden from users that have not yet signed up with ezeeDSL’s service.

Although the easy connection route from the walled garden has been withdrawn, stranded Biscit users can still get instant reconnection, with no additional charges, through ezeeDSL’s webpage at http://migrateto.ezeedsl.co.uk. This link will remain available for a period of two weeks following the 24th November for users who wish to sign up.

Dominic Marrocco, owner of 186k, said: “We have agreed with NetServices to remove the walled garden page with ezeeDSL still remaining the preferred supplier of choice, enabling users to make huge savings on expensive reconnection fees while avoiding unnecessary downtime. We are also still honouring our offer of one-month free connection to any users that do sign up with us.

“NetServices will continue to cease access for all non-ezeeDSL signed Biscit end users from 24th November and it is expected that users will not be able to gain new access for a period of a couple of weeks following that, while their lines are officially cleared by BT. Users that do seek out an alternative provider should remain vigilant of any re-connection charges made by other ISPs.

ezeeDSL is still the only approved suppler that can offer instant reconnection with no additional charges.

The additional benefits of the ezeeDSL connection are:
- Access to LLU services, providing SLA and quality agreements and definable contention ratios.
- Content cleaning
- Anti Spam and Anti Virus scanning
- Offering 2mb business users to upgrade to DSL Max

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