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Vodafone Tops Independent Mobile Broadband Speed Trials
By: MarkJ - 14 June, 2008 (8:47 AM)

Vodafone UK is the most reliable and the fastest network for 'Mobile Broadband' (HSPA) services, according to LCC International, the largest independent wireless engineering company in the world. The study ran 28,000 network tests during most of Q2-2008 and recorded both file download and website loading performance:

Download speeds for a 2MegaByte (MB) file:
Vodafone UK (1.2Mbps / 13.54seconds)
T-Mobile (993kbps / 16.15 seconds)
O2 (812kbps / 20.17 seconds)
Three (3) (764kbps / 21.44 seconds)
Orange (683kbps /23.99 seconds)

Webpage loading test:
Vodafone (6.7 seconds)
O2 (7.45 seconds)
T-Mobile (7.8 seconds)
Three (3) (12.7 seconds)
Orange (25.67 seconds)

It's interesting to note that some potentially less reliable results from the Broadband-Expert.co.uk comparison site recorded a similar outcome, adding some weight to LCC's findings:

Operator - Average Download Speed (Megabits per second)

Vodafone - 2.3Mbps
T-Mobile - 1.1Mbps
Three (3) - 1Mbps

In May, Vodafone said it would do more to make actual speeds clearer to customers when purchasing a USB modem to access its mobile broadband network; dropping the 7.2Mbps claim from some of its adverts. Their network reliability was also found to be the highest among the operators with a 99.76% success rate for downloading a 2MB MP3 file:

Jeni Mundy, CTO for Vodafone UK, concludes: "This is fantastic news for our customers, as this research shows that they can be assured of both the highest reliability and speed. Everyday we enjoy great feedback from our mobile broadband customers, who delight in telling us that they’ve had a great experience and been able to do something that wouldn’t have been possible without mobile broadband. This research demonstrates that we are passionate about quality of service and take pride in all that we do to ensure a superb experience every time customers use our services."

Naturally this kind of performance isn't likely to threaten current land-line based broadband rivals, although as reported yesterday (here), that could be set to change by 2010/11. Meanwhile, Vodafone says it will continue to invest in improving its Mobile Broadband capacity, speed and coverage. The operator might not be the cheapest but they are beginning to gain a reputation for being the fastest.

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