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PlusNet Adopts Arbor Network Management Solution
By: MarkJ - 17 June, 2008 (9:07 AM)

UK ISP PlusNet has adopted Arbor Networks eSeries broadband optimization solutions (traffic management) to help in delivery of its tiered "Broadband Your Way" services to residential ADSL based Internet access customers:

PlusNet strongly believes that delivering service plans that fit the needs of individual subscribers is the best way to ensure a rewarding customer experience,” said Alistair Wyse, chief technology officer at PlusNet. “The way the Internet is being used has changed dramatically in recent years. A large number of customers are still using it predominantly for web and email, while a fast growing segment of others are using bandwidth intensive applications such as P2P and video."

"We do not think that a one cost for access model can work in this changing environment, so we set out to develop tiered services that meet the needs for the different types of Internet users. By fully disclosing what we are doing and why, the result has been increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn. It’s a win-win for us as a provider, and our customers."

PlusNet has of course been using traffic management for sometime and hopes to improve upon its existing platform with the new technology:

The Arbor eSeries gives wireline and wireless broadband operators unprecedented visibility into and control over their networks and services. The Arbor eSeries measures traffic by application, activity, and subscriber, and then gives providers the tools to analyze the resulting data through the system’s powerful web-based reporting environment.

Providers can then take action to maximize network efficiency with the Arbor eSeries by setting policies that prioritize applications during peak and non-peak times, secure the network, and control bandwidth costs.

The system also provides a platform for introducing targeted service plans and packages for new offerings such as VoIP, online gaming, and movie downloads, so that providers can take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

PlusNet employs three methods of ensuring fairness on their network during peak busy hours:

1) Traffic Management: For certain plans, maximum bandwidth rates for peer-to-peer file sharing and other file downloading services are managed during peak busy hours. Each service plan comes with a higher or lower degree of traffic management.

2) Prioritization: For all plans, interactive applications like Web and real-time applications such as VoIP are given priority over non real-time or “background” applications.

3) Changing Human Behavior: For all usage-based plans where there is a monthly Usage Allowance, subscribers are given an economic incentive to use the network during non-busy off-peak hours. Any usage during off-peak hours is considered “free” and does not count against the monthly allowance.

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