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IDNET E-Mail Servers Hit by Serious SPAM Attack
By: MarkJ - 05 July, 2008 (8:41 AM)

Customers of the popular UK ISP IDNET have been suffering from serious email connectivity problems since Wednesday after a SPAM (junk mail) attack disabled their idnet.com mail server. Sadly this problem has been exasperated by a slower than expected file check / repair routine and an insufficient backup server:

The backup server for our idnet.com mail service has proved to be insufficient for the current load. We are now commissioning another server to take over the role. We will be working on this tonight and into the weekend. We expect to resume full service before Monday, and will post further updates on our progress over the weekend.


Simon Davies, a director for the provider, has admitted that they "screwed up" and apologised to its customers for the problems:

"We thought we were well prepared for disaster recovery, we obviously weren't as prepared as we thought we were. In 12 yrs of running email servers our biggest outage before this was a couple of hrs or so. We've never experienced a failure like this before."

There's a detailed topic on the problem running over at IDNET's forum - here. Credits to Thinkbroadband for the link.

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