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Orange Customer Named as Most SPAMMED in UK
By: MarkJ - 03 July, 2008 (1:53 PM)

Leading UK based anti-spam (junk email) software company, ClearMyMail, has revealed the TOP 5 most spammed UK individuals; receiving between 3,900 and 44,000 SPAM mails each day.

Interestingly 3 out of the 5 individuals were customers of UK ISP Orange, including 1st place holder Colin Wells, a Workshop Foreman for Stagecoach buses, whom receives 44,001 per day (16 million every year):

Top 5 most spammed UK customers:

1 – 44,001 emails blocked per day - Orange ISP
2 – 13,578 – Orange ISP
3 – 12,428 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks
4 – 5,760 – Orange ISP
5 – 3,982 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks

Still, the outcome isn’t much of a surprise after ClearMyMail named Orange customers as being among the most spammed in the UK during May (news). Related users could apparently expect 96% of their average e-mail to be junk. Those still left wondering why Orange is bleeding customers should perhaps look at their services and not just broadband quality or price.

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