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France Pushes for EU Illegal File-Sharing Law
By: MarkJ - 07 July, 2008 (9:10 AM)

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has begun pushing for a key amendment to European Union (EU) policy, which could see suspected illegal file-sharer's (P2P) being disconnected from the Internet throughout the continent.

The country is already busy pushing through a similar "three-strikes" (warn, warn and then disconnect) proposal on its own turf, much to the disapproval of some French ISP's. However, with France now holding the European presidency, it is keen to stretch similar measures out across Europe.

Last week saw two UK ISP's, Virgin Media and BT, make the news with their illegal download warning letters to customers. The government has also warned UK providers to either agree a voluntary solution by early next year or risk some form of tougher mandatory legislation.

This piracy clamp down was always bound to happen, primarily because downloading illegal content has now become far too common place among ordinary Internet users. No longer is such activity confined to the niches of online society, it is now sadly far too accessible and common place to be ignored.

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