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Average UK Broadband Speeds by Region
By: MarkJ - 03 June, 2008 (8:49 AM)

Thinkbroadband has published an interesting article that breaks average UK broadband speeds down into the country's twelve different regions. It reveals that a lack of higher speed (8Mbps+ etc.) broadband products in some areas is causing poor performance in regions like Northern Ireland, while the average UK download speed is predicted to be 3,238Kbps (3.16Mbps):

Average UK Download Speeds by Region:
London - 4,460 Kbps
North East - 3,594 Kbps
North West - 3,393 Kbps
East Midlands - 3,275 Kbps
South East - 3,253 Kbps
Yorkshire - 3,204 Kbps
West Midlands - 3,193 Kbps
East - 3,090 Kbps
Scotland - 2,876 Kbps
South West - 2,869 Kbps
Wales - 2,587 Kbps
Northern Ireland - 2,258 Kbps

Typically, upload performance ranges between an impressive 507Kbps in London and 343Kbps in N.Ireland. The data itself was collected from over 138,000 speedtests conducted between 1st January 2008 and 12th May 2008, representing over 6,000 unique postcodes from around the UK.

The coverage then goes a step further by breaking the results down into counties, which reveals that the Highlands of Scotland had some of the slowest speeds with an average of 2,177Kbps. Edinburgh City came top with 4,413Kbps, closely followed by Greater London on 4,369Kbps.

Naturally Urban counties with big cities present appeared to fair the best because such locations are more likely to have a highly competitive market, with plenty of faster options to choose from.

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