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Vaioni Bonds 2Mbps Leased Line With 20Mbps ADSL2+
By: MarkJ - 01 July, 2008 (9:05 AM)

Business ISP Vaioni has launched a new broadband solution that bonds a 2Mbps Leased Line with its ADSL2+ (up to 24Mbps) service. The Nevafail solution brings together the SLA of a fixed circuit, the fast speeds of an ULTRA 20 (ADSL2+) circuit, delivery over two separate Telco paths and bonds them together.

Vaioni claims this gives businesses a cost effective way to have a fully resilient Internet service delivering speeds of up to 22Mbps download and 4.5Mbps:

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni says: "We are revolutionising the way internet is being delivered and our connectivity portfolio is a key differentiator to our success against other ISPís and connectivity providers in the UK and Nevafail is just one solution that makes us different. Itís delivered through our Enterprise Connect bonding technology and delivers a reliable and stable, high performance solution".

Features of Nevafail:
- Ultimate resilience with a 100% SLA
- Ultra fast speeds instantly of up to 22mb download and 4.5mb upload
- Lead times of 37 working days
- Fully diverse Telcoís and POPís
- Low contention Ė 10:1 from the ULTRA 20 and 1:1 from the 2mb LL.
- Fully bonded Ė Use both connections together
- Fully expandable
- Fully managed with as little as a 2hour response and 2hour fix

Nevafail is best used for point VPN, multi-point VPN, email, web hosting, Thin Client, FTP and generally faster Internet access.

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