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How to Use 3G Mobile Broadband - Vodafone
By: MarkJ - 02 March, 2009 (8:46 AM)

Itís a bitterly cold winterís morning and Iím trapped, stuck in an old farmhouse style hotel by heavy snowfall following last nightís business trip into the local town. I havenít bothered to ask the receptionist about Internet access, itís clear from the pungent smell of mildew, rotting wood and apparent lack of a working phone line that the online revolution has somehow gone unnoticed here.

There was a time when such a situation would have ended all hope of getting any work done, but no longer. Thanks to the affordable Mobile Broadband (3G) revolution, which allows you to hook your computer up to a high speed link delivered via the wireless cell (radio spectrum) network of mobile phone operators, a bit of heavy snowfall and a downed land line are no longer an obstacle.

vodafone mobile broadband USB modem (dongle)

Today the UK is filled with a plentiful array of Mobile Broadband choices, which are simple to connect via Plug'n'Play USB Modems (dongles) and offer strong multi-GigaByte data allowances at an affordable price. So where's the catch? We grabbed a swanky new Vodafone Mobile Broadband package to try and find out. This article investigates the pro's as well as the con's, from service cost and speed to latency and application restrictions.

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