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PlusNet ISP Extends Special Broadband Referrals Offer
By: MarkJ - 06 March, 2009 (9:21 AM)

UK ISP PlusNet has extended its referrals discount special offer until the 10th of March. The deal means that customers who recommend somebody to a PlusNet package can expect to receive 8 times the normal monthly discount for 6 months back in return.

For example, if you recommend someone to Plusnet Unlimited Broadband you'll get £4 a month for the next 6 months rather than 50p. You'll also get 8 times the usual discount if they take a Home Phone product too.

Elsewhere the provider has also published a summary of its latest 6 monthly fault survey, which is based on customers’ responses to how they felt the ISP performed when dealing with their problems:

The previous results were:
47% were kept updated by SMS
29% were not aware of 0808 free dialup access
74% rated the process as above average
53% were very or extremely satisfied overall
16% felt we did not understand their problem.

This period the results are as follows:
42% were kept updated via SMS – down by 5%
28% were not aware of the 0808 access – down by 1%
76% thought the process was above average – up by 2%
59% were very or extremely satisfied overall – up by 6%
9% felt we did not understand their problem – down 7%

The results appear to show an increase in customer satisfaction among PlusNet's customers.

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