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Gateshead Housing Development Gains 100Mbps Broadband
By: MarkJ - 05 March, 2009 (1:47 PM)

Gateshead Technology Innovations (G-ti) plans to use its high-speed 100Mbps next-gen fibre optic broadband network to help hook-up a new Brownfield housing development, which was formerly used as a Freightliner depot for Gateshead town centre:

Leader of Gateshead Council, Mick Henry, told nebusiness.co.uk : We believe it would be relatively simple to extend this system into neighbouring areas and offer householders the potential to access some of the fastest and most powerful broadband in the world.

This is an exciting new development which could completely transform housing potential in this area and turn the Freightliner site into one of the most sought-after locations in the region.

The G-ti service was formed last year as part of a public-private partnership between Alcatel-Lucent Telecoms and the Gateshead Council. The project was created to develop a high-capacity open access network for serving the Baltic Business Quarter.

It's noted on G-ti's site that the annual rental pricing for a managed 100Mbps (business grad) Wholesale Local Access Service link is 1,988.00 (165.66 per month), which could be shared (contention) between several residents to make it affordable.

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