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BT Reassures Middle Eastern Net Outage Not a Threat
By: MarkJ - 01 February, 2008 (9:02 AM)

BT has moved to reassure its customers that the recent Internet problems experienced by several Asian and Middle Eastern countries is highly unlikely to happen in the UK. The situation began after a key submarine cable in the Mediterranean was cut, resulting in a serious slowdown and connectivity problems for the impacted states:

The telecoms company said that an incident of the same scale was unlikely to affect the UK, due to much more extensive infrastructure. "We do have pretty substantial resilience," said a BT spokesperson. "We can't go into any more detail about the network for obvious national security reasons, but the UK is linked to the US and Europe by quite a few sub-sea cables."

BT added that none of its UK customers had been affected by the cutting of the FLAG [Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe] and Sea-Me-We-4 undersea cables in the Mediterranean Sea. "It hasn't had a major impact on us," added the BT spokesperson. "We had a couple of private circuits affected, but we have a disaster recovery plan for our Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), voice and data platforms for corporations. We have rerouted data onto other cables."

The cable was cut after a ships anchor ripped through it, highlighting a weakness in some of the worlds global Internet links. Naturally UK businesses doing online business with the related countries were also impact by a severe slowdown, often taking significantly longer to transfer essential data. More @ ZDNet.

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