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Tiscali & BPI Had File-Sharing Agreement Since 2007
By: MarkJ - 15 February, 2008 (4:55 PM)

It's been revealed that UK ISP Tiscali has had a "three-strikes" (related news) arrangement with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) since last summer. The agreement, which meant Tiscali could suspend illegal file-sharers from its ISP, is now in trouble due to a dispute over costs:

Relations between the pair are in disarray as they battle over who should cover the costs of sending warning letters to peer to peer users and then disconnect persistent copyright infringers. The system the two-million-customer ISP believed it had agreed with the BPI is the same one that the government is pushing all ISPs to enforce.

A Tiscali spokeswoman said late on Thursday: "The BPI led us to believe we had concluded an agreement to implement their preferred process in October last year, which not only demonstrated joint leadership in this area but also that both of our industries could work together to tackle this issue."

In a statement however, the BPI told The Register: "We are pleased that Tiscali agrees that our three step proposal is an appropriate way to begin dealing with the problem. While there have been discussions between BPI and Tiscali, we have not been able to reach agreement on a long term solution. That's because Tiscali is trying to force us to pay a substantial levy to enforce its own terms and conditions."

The dispute, which was supposed to serve as a model for the rest of the ISP industry, appears to be doing the exact opposite by highlighting some of the problems providers are likely to experience.

Tiscaliís arrangement, where the rights holder is responsible for identifying the infringement, shows just how problematic the process itself can be. The full article can be read HERE and is well worth scanning through.

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