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Tiscali CEO - Bandwidth is Key to Broadband Future
By: MarkJ - 22 February, 2008 (9:55 AM)

Tiscali's CEO, Mary Turner, has given an interesting interview to Silicon in which she touches on the importance of bandwidth capacity over raw speed, the BBC's iPlayer service and future improvements:

"The internet and broadband is not just about speed. There's a huge amount of focus on speed. If you track back two or three years ago and the whole of the UK was on half meg [Mb] I would say that's not sufficient. Today the basic package is 8Mbps broadband and we're now talking about 16 to 20Mbps broadband so I think from a speed perspective we're there. Can we increase the speed - yes.

But I think the next phase of internet is the volume i.e. the bandwidth. Because if you look at what the internet has been used for it has been used for email, surfing, file transfers and 1 or 2Mbps broadband is more than sufficient. The next generation of usage and users are going to download videos, stream soaps and so on and it's not speed that matters. Sure you need speed but 16Mbps is more than enough. What you need is the bandwidth.

Turner also talks about the high cost of bandwidth from BT being a restrictive factor and the lack of strong connection between the exchange and the core network.

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