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Ofcom Release Wireless Spectrum (Auction Results)
By: MarkJ - 22 February, 2008 (1:34 PM)

Ofcom has today awarded licences to ten of the organisations that took part in its fourth auction of wireless radio spectrum, which covered the 10GHz to 40GHz frequency bands. Recognisable names such as BT, UK Broadband (PCCW / Now), Orange and T-Mobile were among the winners:

The spectrum awarded is suitable for high-capacity broadband, for example, for organisations seeking to share wireless internet connections across buildings in close proximity and providing infrastructure for wireless networks.

The spectrum has been released on a technology and service neutral basis, allowing these users the flexibility to decide what technology to use, what services to offer and to change their use of the spectrum over time. All licences issued are tradable.

T-Mobile spent the most by putting down 321,000 for a mix of several 10GHz, 32GHz and 40GHz bands, followed closely by Orange on 272,130 for a couple of 32GHz bands. Full details on all ten license acquisitions can be found here.

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