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IPTV Uptake Tops 10m & Broadband Speeds Criticised
By: MarkJ - 12 March, 2008 (1:30 PM)

The latest Internet TV statistics from research group Point Topic have revealed that global IPTV subscribers topped 10.495 million in Q3-2007, a major milestone and a significant 27% increase on the previous quarter:

Once again Europe is the leading region, having over 6.5 million IPTV subscribers, with France being the country with the most subscribers. Although Western Europe has a strong lead in IPTV deployments, Eastern Europe is beginning to build its IPTV numbers and now has over 297,000 subscribers.

Q2 2006
Europe - 1,555,000
Asia Pacific - 987,000
Americas - 409,000

Q2 2007
Europe - 4,984,000
Asia Pacific - 2,176,000
Americas - 1,069,000

Q3 2007
Europe - 6,520,000
Asia Pacific - 2,559,000
Americas - 1,416,000

Just to complicate matters, new research from Informa reports that the number of IPTV subscribers has now hit 12.3m worldwide, with Europe accounting for 57% of the market.

Point Topic also revealed that just 15% of those subscribed to an 'up to' 8Mbps broadband service achieve a speed close to the advertised figure, with the majority experiencing far lower performance. This drops to just 4% for those on an 'up to' 16Mbps package.

Happily Sky Broadband topped Point Topic's chart of ISPs that delivered speeds closest to those they advertised, followed by Virgin Media, Tiscali, The Carphone Warehouse (AOL UK, TalkTalk), BT and finally Orange.

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