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PlusNet - Downloads Haven't Killed the CD, Yet
By: MarkJ - 07 February, 2008 (1:30 PM)

UK ISP PlusNet has surveyed 648 of its heavy broadband users and found that almost half (48%) believe CDs will be around for least another ten years, despite the rapid uptake of downloadable music files.

A further 28% reckon CDs still have a good five years to go and 10% think the medium will be around forever:

Downloading music from the internet has become a huge activity in the UK – however, our research proves that people still love their CD collection,” said Neil Armstrong, products director, PlusNet. “Music fans are rapidly embracing the on-demand nature of downloads, and this will continue to increase as prices drop and competition between download sites grows. Clearly, though, there’s still life in the CD yet.

Music downloads in the UK hit a record 2.94m in the last week of 2007, double the level of 2006, according to BPI figures. At the same time, CD album sales plummeted 10% over 2007, although sales remain 26% higher than a decade ago.

PlusNet predicts a rapid growth in traffic to download sites following the recent high profile cuts in download charges to bring the UK back in line with the rest of Europe, combined with the growing popularity of MP3 players and digital music.

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