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Virgin Media Users Suffer MMO Connectivity Problems
By: MarkJ - 08 February, 2008 (9:10 AM)

Virgin Media customers that subscribe to the recently released multiplayer game Pirates of the Burning Sea (POTBS) are reportedly suffering from connectivity problems. The following update has been posted on the games official website:

European Connectivity Issues
02.06.08 by Aether

Our European support team has noticed a number of reports from United Kingdom residents having trouble accessing the game. After investigation, it turns out that their Internet Service Provider, Blueyonder, is currently experiencing issues that prevent them from connecting to the launcher.

Unfortunately, these issues are beyond our control. However, if you have trouble connecting, if you live in the United Kingdom and if Blueyonder is your ISP, then your issue is most likely related.

As always, additional questions or concerns can be filed via support ticket at http://www.burningsea.com/support , and we’ll keep you updated as we know more.


Typically Blueyonder was the name given to Telewest's broadband ISP prior to ntl's merger with Telewest and the eventual brand change to Virgin Media.

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