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UK Internet TV (IPTV) Popularity Still Low
By: MarkJ - 03 March, 2008 (1:30 PM)

Media law firm Wiggin has published the results of its latest research into UK Internet TV (IPTV) usage, which found that just one in five of those surveyed had used a legal online TV service (iPlayer etc.). The most popular IPTV providers were as follows:

Virgin Media - 20%
Channel4 (4OD) - 15%
BBC iPlayer - 13%
Joost - 4%
BT Vision - 4%
Tiscali TV - 4%

The survey found that more people would be interested in online TV services if additional content could be pooled together in one place, which is what the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 plan to do for 'Project Kangaroo'. The Times summary also notes several other key findings from the research:

- books and Sky TV were still the forms of entertainment with the highest degree of emotional attachment: 53 per cent of people said they would never stop or hate to stop reading books.

- illegal file-sharing was still widespread. 70 per cent of respondents said they would stop downloading illegally if they received a cease and desist order from their ISP, although two in three thought it was "very unlikely" that they would ever get caught.

- only 8 per cent regularly used Skype or another voice over internet protocol (VOIP) provider to make telephone calls.

In addition, 50% of people now claim to have a home based wireless network for their Internet connection, yet just 11% accessed the Internet via their mobile phone. One in five blamed low mobile Internet usage on slow speeds and poor content.

Curiously the survey did not cover any of the other issues that frequently hamper IPTV services, such as restrictive broadband usage limits, low quality and performance (speed) problems.

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