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AOL UK To Fight Overseas Spammers
By: MarkJ - 11 December, 2003 (9:12 AM)

With the new and highly questioned anti-spam (junk e-mail) laws being introduced today, ISP AOL UK has decided to go on the offensive. The provider is planning to take legal action against spammers based overseas:

The Internet service provider has decided that there are few judicial steps it can take in Britain to prevent its customers being bombarded by unsolicited commercial email, so its legal team is concentrating on bringing a case against a major spammer in another country.

"It's clear that there isnít a large-scale spammer operating in the UK that we can sue, so we took the decision last week to consider suing elsewhere on behalf of AOL UK members," Jonathan Lambeth, head of corporate media relations at AOL UK, said on Wednesday.

According to anti-spam campaigners such as Spamhaus, around 200 spammers are responsible for the vast majority of the junk email received by email users. Many of these are said to be based in the US, where AOL could well decide to bring its first legal action.

While we can't help but feel that AOL could end up running into a brick wall, we salute their efforts and hope that others will follow suit. More @ ZDNet.

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