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Demon Internet ISP Adds Anti-SPAM
By: MarkJ - 11 December, 2003 (8:56 AM)

The THUS backed UK ISP Demon Internet has announced the introduction of Brightmail's anti-spam (junk e-mail) technology to its services:


THUS today announced that it will become one of only a small number of ISPs in the UK to offer server side spam filtering for its Demon mail service. THUS, which provides a range of Demon branded Internet services, has chosen Brightmail's award-winning anti-spam technology. Demon Spam Filtering takes the burden of managing spam away from end-users by removing unsolicited messages from the Demon servers before they reach customers' inboxes. The service is free of charge and customers will have the option to opt-out should they wish to do so.

THUS is introducing Demon Spam Filtering having monitored the amount of spam traffic and the quality of filtering technology for several years. Unsolicited email is accelerating rapidly and having an increasingly negative impact on UK businesses. Brightmail, which filters more than fifteen per cent of worldwide email traffic has seen the rates of spam traffic increase sharply reporting an increase in spam from eight per cent of all traffic in September 2001 to 56 per cent of traffic in November 2003. It also reports that not only is 14.5 per cent of spam fraudulent or intentionally misguiding, but 20 percent of spam in the UK is pornographic.

"We want email to remain a valuable business tool for our customers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for end users to manage the deluge of spam they receive every day, and as a responsible Company, we believe it is important we do what we can to help, while protecting legitimate traffic," explained Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer, THUS plc. "The time is right to introduce server-side spam filtering for Demon customers and there is no better company to assist in this than Brightmail."

Without Demon Spam Filtering, end users have to manage spam themselves, either setting up rules for automatic deletion or deleting each message as it is received. This is a needless drain on employees' time. Spam also puts unnecessary pressure on company networks and slows down receipt of legitimate emails.

"For email to remain viable, spam must be tackled. Legislation is an important tool, but the global nature of the phenomenon means that legislation alone will not solve the problem. It is therefore crucial that responsible service providers like THUS fight spam. We are delighted to be supporting THUS in reducing the burden and costs of spam for Demon customers," commented Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Brightmail.

THUS selected Brightmail's system as it is effective in reducing spam while reducing the risk of any adverse effect on customers' legitimate email.

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