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Gov Predicts Lower Broadband Prices
By: MarkJ - 16 December, 2003 (9:34 AM)

The government’s e-minister, Patricia Hewitt, has hinted that further broadband price cuts may be ahead for UK consumers. It's interesting to note that these comments came a day before (Monday) Ofcom's new proposals (see previous):

"Prices have come down, and I think they'll increasingly come down," said Hewitt at an event to launch the latest UK Online annual report.

E-envoy Andrew Pinder indicated he was also pleased at how far the UK has moved on from the days when broadband availability was generally limited to those in metropolitan areas, and those who wanted ADSL had to pay around £50 per month.

There is still plenty of variation in broadband pricing, depending on which ISP a customer chooses. The obvious way for ADSL prices to fall further would be if wholesale prices were cut again by BT -- a move that could even jolt the cable companies into lowering their own costs.

Provided operators and ISPs don't sacrifice quality for lower pricing then few would disagree that paying less could be anything other than an advantage. More @ ZDNet.

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