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Plusnet Launch £14.99 150Kbps ADSL
By: MarkJ - 12 December, 2003 (12:43 PM)

UK ISP Plusnet has today become the latest provider to introduce a 150Kbps ADSL service for dialup level prices @ £14.99 per month inc. VAT:

ADSL Price Breakthrough! Always-on Internet from only £14.99

Convenient, always-on ADSL Internet access from only £14.99 inc. VAT a month? Sounds unlikely? PlusNet don't think so, and are set to revolutionise the way Britain connects to the Internet with DSL Connect.

Winners of PC Pro magazine's Best Broadband ISP 2003 award and voted the Best ISP on the Planet 2003 by Internet Magazine, PlusNet are well known for providing cost effective quality Internet access for Home and Business. Orders are now being taken for the UK's newest, most easy on the pocket way to connect. DSL Connect further establishes PlusNet as the ISP of choice for the discerning, cost-conscious Internet user.

DSL Connect is different from standard Internet connections - it doesn't tie up your phone line, so you can still use the phone whilst connected to the Net or playing games online. It's 'always-on' so it's there when you need it and you can use it as much as you like without worrying about your phone bill. It's up to 3 times faster than your standard Internet connection, so it's ideal for general use such as web browsing, online shopping, Internet chat, music downloads and instant email.

Launched initially on a trial basis, DSL Connect uses fast and reliable ADSL technology to connect at speeds of up to 150kbps. It's the natural stepping-stone from unmetered dial access to the even higher speeds offered by Broadband Internet access.

"We believe that DSL Connect will meet what we see as a huge demand for convenient, always-on connectivity at the same price as most other ISP's unmetered dial offerings," stated Marco Potesta, Commercial Director for PlusNet. "Internet access at 150kbps offers great value for those primarily using low-bandwidth applications such as web browsing and email. DSL Connect is the logical next step for those still using traditional dial and unmetered access."

For those seeking Broadband access with the performance to access multimedia sites such as BBCi, download movies and music, provide fast access to the web and email - as well as being suitable for gaming and home networks, PlusNet offer a range of Broadband products with prices starting from as little as £18.99 inc VAT a month.

DSL Connect is available for pre-order now at www.plus.net and will be available as a trial product initially. Orders taken now will be processed on the 22nd December with the first connections being made up to 10 days following.

Pre-order DSL Connect now at http://www.plus.net

While itís contestable as to whether 150Kbps could be considered broadband, we do note that Plusnet has been wise and avoided referencing it in such a way. Regardless of name, there is a demand for such services.

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