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UK Passes 3,000,000 Broadband Users
By: MarkJ - 10 December, 2003 (9:18 AM)

Oftel (through Ofcom) has published its latest broadband brief covering data up to the end of last month (November), which states that the UK has finally passed the 3,000,000 hi-speed users benchmark!

Broadband adoption rates are now running at record levels and ahead of previous predictions, with more than 40,000 households and businesses a week installing an always-on Internet connection offering download speeds of between 128kbit/s and 2mbit/s, depending on supplier.

The key statistics for the primary technologies (ADSL and Cable) are as follows:


End-users = 1,674,000
Availability = 80% of UK homes and businesses
Number of ISPs offering ADSL services = 100 +

Cable modems:

End-users = (estimate) 1,331,000
Availability = 45% of UK homes and businesses

It's also noted that stats (end users) for the smaller technologies remain considerably thinner:

Fixed wireless access = Over 2,500
Satellite = Over 6,000
LLU = 7,800

You can read the full brief - HERE.

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