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BT Confirms New-Year ADSL Discounts
By: MarkJ - 15 December, 2003 (1:09 PM)

As expected, BT Wholesale has today confirmed a series of 'limited' price cuts to several selected broadband ADSL services. The cuts cover package changes (re-grades) and non-BT (DataStream) ADSL connection fees:


From January 12 to April 30, 2004, BT Wholesale will offer half-price connection charges for BT DataStream Office 500k, BT DataStream Office 1M, and BT DataStream Office 2M. This charge is cut from 50 to 25 for the offer period.

Service providers will also get a 10 saving on specified upgrades to higher speed BT IPStream broadband services during the special offer period. These upgrades will be charged at 25, down from 35, while the offer is in place.

BT has also streamlined the upgrade process from the BT IPStream 500 engineer installed product to BT IPStream Home 1000. To date this has been a two-stage process, attracting a regrade charge for each stage. From January 12 this will become a single order process with a single charge of 35 - reduced to 25 for the duration of the special offer.

Bruce Stanford, BT Wholesale products director, said: "This special offer supports our service provider customers who are delivering broadband via either BT IPStream or BT DataStream products.

Cuts in connection charges will help stimulate the emerging BT DataStream based products, not included in last years offer, and the offer onBT IPStream speed upgrades will help move more end users to higher value, higher speed broadband options. We have seen a strong growth in higher speed services since the launch of our 1Mbit/s consumer product. It's just a month since we launched BT IPStream Home 1000 and with some significant service providers about to bring their 1Mbit/s consumer offerings to market, we've already had orders for more than 16,000 1Mbit/s connections. This offer will help to maintain the momentum of that strong early growth.

BT's demand driven broadband rollout programme has now brought ADSL technology to exchanges serving more than 85per cent of UK homes and businesses.

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