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Internet Access For Everybody By 2008
By: MarkJ - 17 December, 2003 (9:50 AM)

The governments’ e-Minister, Patricia Hewitt, while touting the many merits of the UKs online economy, has stated that every home in the UK should "have a connection to online services" by 2008:

Well, it seems there's no need to worry after all. And if you aren't already connected, fear not: "The Digital Inclusion Panel will play a key role in helping us ensure that every home in the UK should have a connection to online services through a digital network by 2008 - whether through a personal computer, DTV, mobile phone or other device," boasts Hewitt.

Given that we're not talking specifically about broadband, surely this is already possible?

It's perhaps not so much a battle of technology, since a plain 'old' dialup modem would do, but more an issue of education.

We note the cunning inclusion of mobile phones, almost all of which will offer access to a digital network by then. More @ The Register.

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