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V21ís Doubled Up vISP Income Offer
By: MarkJ - 05 January, 2004 (12:49 PM)

V Two One (V21) is offering anybody interested in starting their own virtual ISP (vISP) the chance to double their first month's income. The deal only applies to those that join before the end of January:

New Year, New Offer

Top UK ISP V Two One is currently offering a great offer for those that are looking to become a Virtual Internet Service Provider in 2004. V Two One have been providing VISP services to numerous providers on the net and have been doing so successfully for the past 2 years. In the past twelve months V Two One's VISP services have grown by over 200% and with the turn of the year they are offering a great offer.

Sign up to the V Two One VISP services at any level before the end of January and receive double your first month's income completely uncapped.

This we feel is a great incentive for people and companies alike to take advantage and earn twice what they normally would in their first month of trading, which can be thousands. To hear more about the V Two One VISP platform please contact affiliate@v21.co.uk or call customer service on 0870 442 9600

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