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Discounts Boost Tiscali Subscribers
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2004 (1:02 PM)

UK ISP Tiscali claims to have had its "best day ever" in new customer sign-ups following the announcement of two additional broadband ADSL price cut deals:

A spokesperson for the company said promotions launched on the company's website on Tuesday, were one of the key reasons for the upswing in business, although she would not put a figure to the number of new subscriptions received.

Specifically, Tiscali has waived the 25 set-up fee for its 150kbps DSL service - which the company continues to promote as broadband - and halved the access fee for the 256kbps service to 25.

"We are targeting people that haven't used broadband before and want to be the most competitively priced broadband service in the UK," the spokesperson said.

Hopefully other ISPs will soon recognise the demand for slower speed options and begin offering similar deals. More @ netimperative.com .

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