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AOL v9 To Include Anti-Spyware
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2004 (9:30 AM)

ISP AOL is to include anti-spyware in its forthcoming v9 client release. Spyware is generally software or websites that secretly monitor a surfer’s online behaviour, often for reasons of market research:

Many of these programs are installed along with digital video viewers and file-swapping programs. Some of the malicious types of software can record keystrokes and sensitive information and then send the data to a third party.

In the past three years, the number of spyware programs on the Net has shot up 13-fold, according to security-software company PestPatrol.

Full marks to AOL for coming up with such an idea, although it remains to be seen whether or not the code is effective. More @ ZDNet.

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