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GAME/BarrysWorld Multiplayer Closure
By: MarkJ - 22 December, 2003 (1:16 PM)

Thanks to John for forwarding us an announcement stating that the Game.net/BarrysWorld multiplayer service will be closing towards the end of January 2004:

GAME Multiplayer and BarrysWorld Closure

We are sad to announce that the Multiplayer service will be closing on 23rd January 2004. After nearly three years of operating the service, in its various guises, we've made the decision to focus our online activity on core e-commerce services, both in the UK and Europe.

The Multiplayer Team would like to thank everyone who helped build The Multiplayer Service into the award-winning operation it is today, especially all of the dedicated volunteers who have given their time and effort to the Service over the years - we couldn't have done it without you.

We know you will have a number of questions about the closure and we will be available on IRC (#GAME.NET) on January 5th to answer your questions. We have also prepared a FAQ to answer some basic queries, as well as the information below on how and when various services will be affected and how customers eligible for a refund can claim.

Before all Multiplayer services are turned off on the 23rd January you may need to take further action if you use one of the services listed below, please check these points:

All subscription services will terminate on the 23rd January. Visit our Refund Page before the 23rd January to find out if you are eligible for a refund.

GAMEBank (formerly BarryBank)
Unused credits in GAMEBank may be refunded. Visit our Refund Page before the 23rd January to find out if you are eligible for a refund.

Please Note: Submitting a refund request on the Refund Page also freezes your GAMEBank account - so ensure you have done any transfers between members prior to this.

Also Note: We will only refund unused credits to the owner of the credits, if you need to return or redistribute credits between members, it is your responsibility to do this.

Clan Servers
We are now not accepting renewals for existing clan servers. All existing clan servers will have their rental extended to the 23rd January, when they will all be switched off.

We'd like to apologise to all of you on the waiting list who didn't get chance to try our Clan Servers. We're proud of our Clan Servers and the huge popularity they gained in such a short time. We wish you all the best finding an alternative provider.

Hosted Sites
All hosted sites will be disabled on the 23rd January. Hosted Site owners need to download the contents of their sites before this date.

Email accounts
All @barrysworld.com and @my.game.net email accounts will be disabled on the 23rd of January. Don't forget to inform people in your address books and any web sites you have registered with using this email address.

Game Servers
All game servers will be switched off on the 23rd January, they will be left running until this point to honour any existing leagues and bookings.

signing out,

The GAME Multiplayer Team

No clear reason is given for the closure, although free (home-run) multiplayer services and the recent boom in broadband connections will have put serious pressure on commercial MP servers.

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