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ISP Plusnet On Ofcoms BB Proposals
By: MarkJ - 22 December, 2003 (1:01 PM)

Plusnet has today issued a response to Ofcom’s recent announcement regarding further regulation of the UK's wholesale broadband market. While Plusnet welcomes the proposals, they question how broadband technologies other than ADSL are to be similarly regulated:

PlusNet respond to Ofcom Broadband announcement

PlusNet today provide response to the latest announcement regarding further regulation of the UK's wholesale broadband access market. PlusNet, this year voted 'Best ISP on the Planet' by Internet Magazine and 'Best Broadband ISP' by PC Pro, welcome the proposals but question how broadband technologies other than ADSL are to be similarly regulated.

In a joint statement made on Tuesday by the outgoing UK telecommunications regulator Oftel and the incoming converged communications regulator Ofcom, it is anticipated that new regulations will be introduced during the first quarter of 2004, in order to address the extent of competition in the broadband sector.

Both Oftel and Ofcom find, that despite the market moving significantly in the last two years, offering alternative technologies and suppliers, BT continue to be the dominant provider of broadband services. They identify that competition at the wholesale level as well as at the retail level is required and suggest that the new proposals will create certainty, alternative supply and additional incentives for investment.

"Our view is that competition in the wholesale sector can only be beneficial to the consumer," stated Alistair Wyse, Service and Operations Director for PlusNet. "Market moves that allow ISPs to continue to introduce new and innovative products are to be welcomed."

It is noted that the draft proposal identifies broadband as a still developing technology of national strategic importance, however the document focuses entirely on ADSL (as provided by BT Wholesale) and passes over alternative broadband technologies such as cable and satellite.

"We agree that now is the right time to address the competition deficit in the wholesale supply of broadband in the UK. Broadband is still emerging and we'll continue to see it evolve over the next couple of years," continued Mr Wyse. "However it is important that other broadband offerings, such as those provided by cable suppliers NTL and Telewest for example, are controlled in the same manner. That is a bigger issue than BT's alternate wholesale offerings."

PlusNet are well known for offering lowest-cost and great value Internet access products to Consumers and Business users alike. Broadband products start from just £18.99 inc. VAT per month.

You can find out more about PlusNet Broadband at http://www.plus.net

Plusnet has long been one of BTs staunchest supporters.

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