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BT's Cable Broadband Voice Calls?
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2003 (9:26 AM)

BT has found a way to utilise the broadband cable modem connections from its rivals (NTL and Telewest) to offer their customers cheaper voice calls over existing connections - very sneaky:


BT has launched a Christmas campaign to offer cable broadband customers significant savings from a ground-breaking service that allows voice calls to be made over the internet.

Cable customers who take up BTıs new Broadband Voice package will be able to save up to 57 per cent on calls to mobiles (1) and up to 25 per cent on UK daytime calls (2).

Broadband Voice signals the first significant move from a major UK telecoms player into the consumer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) market. It means cable customers will for the first time have the choice of making calls over an alternative voice line from BT.

New customers will simply be able to Œplug inı their new phone service without having to reconnect their telephone line to BT, so they can keep their other cable services.

They will be given a special adapter (3), which connects their phone and broadband line, so they can start making VoIP calls straight away.

Broadband Voice is initially being marketed in areas where there is a heavy concentration of NTL and Telewest cable broadband customers.

Pierre Danon, chief executive of BT Retail, said: "Broadband Voice takes the battle for customers right to the door of our rivals. This offer combines innovation and value-for-money and not only will it offer cable customers an alternative voice line from BT for the first time, but it will also provide them with potential savings of up to £109 a year on their phone calls."

The Broadband Voice service costs just £7.50 per month, allowing customers to make as many UK evening and weekend calls of up to an hour for no extra charge. Daytime calls will be charged at 3p per minute, with a 5p minimum charge.

The service is available to anyone equipped with a broadband connection, Ethernet modem or router and touch-tone telephone. Cable customers must have a broadband connection to use the service. Free support is available to all Broadband Voice users by calling a freephone number. Broadband Voice is available exclusively online by logging on to http://www.bt.com/broadbandvoice

No doubt NTL and Telewest won't be too pleased with this.

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