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New ISP Review Survey (Poll)
By: MarkJ - 08 December, 2003 (1:11 PM)

We've just begun a brand new survey (poll), which asks: "What Internet access speed is currently most viable for 'YOU'?". In other words, do you need a faster/broadband connection or does slower dialup suit you just fine. Results from the previous poll are as follows:

Where should the definition of broadband begin?

512KBps - 61.7%
256Kbps - 12.7%
1Mbps - 10.8%
2Mbps+ - 8.3%
128Kbps - 4.1%
384Kbps - 2.1%

Total Votes = 2206

From this it's clear to see that the vast majority of people, roughly 62% of the 2,206 voters, felt that 512Kbps should be the starting point for broadband.

The remaining vote is evenly split between 256Kbps, 1 and 2Mbps options. Just a tiny percentage (4.1%) agreed with Oftel/Ofcom's official line, that anything on or above 128Kbps and meeting a certain criteria could be included.

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