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Virgin.net ISP Complaints Continue..
By: MarkJ - 28 November, 2003 (9:51 AM)

Last week Virgin.net told us that their unmetered dialup (24/7) service was "now running at optimum levels, without any problems." (here). We immediately started to see a flood of new complaints (summary), totalling 27 this week and 83 overall!

A handful of the complaints relate to an e-mail outage, which we believe should now have been fixed. Sadly the vast majority point to continued slow speeds, poor customer support and connection problems/quality. Typically we've posted three examples below:

No access whatsoever during peak periods. A truly, truly woeful service for the best part of 2 months now. Zero customer information regarding problems. I must want my head examining for still paying them £13.49 a month.
E-Mail By = David


I have had to complain several times about the quality of their service. Since they introduced a new dial up number for 24/7 customers, connection speeds have been attrocious, the server usually goes down several times a week and quite often for very long periods. The only good thing about them now is the price, but then paying a lower price for no service most of the time is perhaps not such a bargain after all.
E-Mail By = James


Able to connect (via ISDN dial up) but with very patchy access to web sites. Lots of (apparent) DNS resolution problems resulting in some sites being available and others not at all. Disconnecting and then reconnecting sometimes provided a resolution. Poor levels of information on the service notices page. Poor response to e-mail - now quoting a 7 day turnaround to reply.
E-Mail By = Jon

It's good to see that some readers are at least able to get a connection (not everybody), although clearly the speed and quality of the connection leaves something to be desired.

Itís obvious that the service isn't running at "optimum levels" and we shall once again endeavour to air this with Virgin.net. Hopefully they're not as tired of us chasing them as many of their customers are with the service.

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