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NTL Broadband Content NOT For 150K
By: MarkJ - 28 November, 2003 (2:30 PM)

Customers of NTLs 150Kbps "broadband" service may be displeased to learn that the operatorís forthcoming broadband content package won't work so well with their connection:

Even though NTL insists its 150Kbps service is broadband, it seems it's just not "broadband enough" to handle this content. "In theory they [150K customers] would be able to sign up to this service," admits an NTL spokeswoman. But it would be much better with NTL's 600K and 1Mb service, admits the cableco.

So, NTL hopes its dial-up and 150k punters will upgrade to faster, more expensive services.

Of course if customers wanted to pay more for a faster service and even more on top of that for extra content, then they'd probably have done it already.

Our current survey shows that 128/150Kbps is far down the list of speeds that could justify a broadband label. More @ The Register.

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