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UKs First Home Net-via-Satellite ISP?
By: MarkJ - 03 December, 2003 (1:47 PM)

The Scotsman is reporting that AVC and SES ASTRA have teamed up to offer "Britain’s first consumer broadband internet-via-satellite service – AVC Broadband.". Hold on, don't several ISPs already offer consumer satellite packages? So much for market research:

AVC Broadband boasts an end to the world wide wait for image, music and video files with 512k download speeds (almost ten times faster than 56k phoneline modems) and unlimited internet access for just GBP34.99 per month including VAT. There will also be a even faster 768k option priced GBP43.99 and a 256k service for GBP26.99.

These prices include a ready-to-use free-to-air digital TV package – 32 TV channels including national, regional, news, music, children and special interest stations, a movie channel, and over 90 radio stations – which subscribers can not only watch on their PC, but also record on the machine’s hard disk.

AVC Broadband uses the regular phoneline and modem for the return path (uploading) – so you can retain existing ISP and email addresses. It is intended that there will be enhancements to the service including an email alert system that lets you know when you have emails waiting, avoiding unnecessary dial ups.

We already list a multitude of similar consumer one-way services, so it's hard to understand how they can claim to be the first.

There's a setup charge of £249.99, which includes a 48cm dish (or 60cm where required), quad LNB, USB satellite modem, software and cabling. This does not include the £29.99 connection charge.

As usual we’ve added a forum for them – HERE.

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