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Bulldog Expands SDSL Network
By: MarkJ - 05 December, 2003 (1:00 PM)

Bulldog, which is working with BT to deploy and improve business broadband SDSL services, has followed this morningís announcement by BT to echo its related network expansion plans:

Bulldog Announces SDSL Network Expansion Plans for Business Services

Bulldog Communications, the high-speed broadband specialist and DSL broadband network operator serving both the UK business and residential markets, announced today plans to significantly expand availability of its SDSL (Symmetric DSL) business services. SDSL offers businesses a symmetric bandwidth service, i.e. the same speed upstream and downstream.

Over the next few months, Bulldog will increase its SDSL footprint to cover a total of 150 exchanges 1 serving the major business districts of London, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire, the West Midlands and Scotland. The expanded footprint includes Bulldogís own network of 35 local loop unbundled (LLU) exchanges across London, and 115 BT exchanges through which Bulldogís SDSL services can be delivered.2

BT Wholesale recently announced it would be distributing Bulldogís SDSL product, ĎOffice Connect IPí, to its existing customer base of service providers. It will also start integrating Bulldogís access product from Bulldogís exchanges into its own mainstream SDSL service.3

Bulldog is offering its own network-based SDSL services in 5:1 and 10:1 contended formats, as well as a premium 1:1 uncontended service, providing customers with a cost effective alternative to traditional leased line services.

Typical applications for Bulldogís SDSL services include IP VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) connecting office LANs directly site-to-site or via the Internet, videoconferencing, web or email hosting, multi-channel voice and disaster recovery services.

A major advantage of the Bulldog SDSL services is the high performance to cost ratio achieved by aggregating service demand from Bulldogís wholesale carrier and ISP partners, and direct end-users, enabling lower price points for SDSL services than could otherwise be achieved by individual operators deploying their own SDSL services.

Richard Greco, CEO of Bulldog, stated: ďBulldog has delivered unique SDSL services since early this year. Now, many more businesses can benefit from our broad range of uncontended and contended SDSL services. Bulldog has a true leased line alternative solution that can be delivered to customers with quick turnaround time and minimal investment. Working in cooperation with BT, more businesses can benefit from BTís extended reach and Bulldogís unique SDSL services.Ē

For more information on becoming a Bulldog wholesale partner, please visit http://www.bulldogdsl.com/partners/index.asp or email partners@bulldogdsl.com. Alternatively, to enquire about or order SDSL services directly from Bulldog, call 0845 456 1917 or email business@bulldogdsl.com.

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