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IDC - ISPs Must Not Forget Dialup Users
By: MarkJ - 15 January, 2004 (1:08 PM)

In the great broadband push it's often easy to forget that many people still connect to the Internet via dialup and will continue to do so. The IDC's latest report has highlighted this, calling on ISPs not to forget the humble dialup user:

Or as IDC analyst Chris Drake, puts it: "As providers of both dial and broadband services seek to migrate their dial customers to broadband, they must ensure that they continue to support the needs of dial customers.

Some providers are already discovering that disillusionment with their dial service can lead to churn, with dial customers moving to the broadband (or dial) offerings of rival ISPs.

It remains the case that many Internet access consumers have no immediate intention or even ability to migrate to broadband. ISPs therefore need to ensure that a broad range of dial access offerings and pricing plans are available, and that the introduction of new value-added services and online content is not purely reserved for broadband customers,
" he said.

Indeed, much as we’ve been nattering on about since god knows when, not everybody wants or even needs a broadband connection.

The dialup decline may have started, yet such people must still be properly cared for as the aging technology will be around for sometime to come. More @ The Register.

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