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EU Stresses IPv6 Importance
By: MarkJ - 19 January, 2004 (9:57 AM)

The European Union, specifically Mr Erkki Liikanen, has stressed the importance of Internet protocol IPv6 in replacing the existing IPv4 (governs your online IP, e.g:

"IPv6 is a fundamental technology for the future of the deployment of Internet in general, which has been largely promoted in the context of the 5th Framework Programme and in the context of broader European policies like our eEurope Action Plan.

Based on the experience gained with IPv4, IPv6 is seen as a corner stone for the deployment of '3G and beyond' technology. The progress is such that we have to consider IPv6 as a new generation Internet Protocol.

Amongst other things, IPv6 allows almost anything to be connected to the Internet permanently. Security mechanisms and improved support for Quality of Service are part of the protocol.
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