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New ISP Review Survey (Poll)
By: MarkJ - 22 January, 2004 (1:30 PM)

We've uploaded a new survey asking "How important is the Internet to 'YOU'?". Results from the previous poll can be found as follows:

What Internet access speed is currently most viable for 'YOU'?
512Kbps - 35.8%
1Mbps+ - 27.3%
56Kbps Dialup - 26.8%
128/150Kbps - 7.1%
256Kbps - 2.8%

Total Votes = 1532

512Kbps, a common and well recognised starting point for broadband services by the public, has come top claiming 36% of the vote.

However, perhaps of more interest is the fact that 1Mbps+, which claimed 27%, is increasingly being considered as a viable speed for day to day use. Perhaps meaning that surfers are beginning to make use of higher quality content services, given that few others things actually 'need' 1Mbps+.

The survey also shows that, despite broadband technologies claiming a clear dominance, the humble dialup connection (27%) remains reliable enough for over a quarter to consider it as being all they need.

ISPs could perhaps be doing more to promote and develop slower speed options at similar pricing levels, thus attracting more of the dialup generation across without having to pay extra.

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