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BBC Explores Online Gaming
By: MarkJ - 21 January, 2004 (1:13 PM)

The BBC's Vecta unit is investigating whether the growing online gaming (multiplayer) market can be exploited for commercial gain:

Plans are at a very early stage, however, Vecta is considering the possibility of offering 'real-time' information such as news, weather, and sports content over gaming platforms and even within games themselves.

BBC Vecta director of emerging technologies Ian Mecklenburgh said there might feasibly be ways of providing news updates on advertising hoardings featured within games, as well as feeding actual weather environments into gaming situations.

"If you're playing, why not play in the real world?" he said. "If you're driving round London in a game, for example, we might be able to provide the real weather at the time."

It's an interesting prospect, although not if it costs any extra and or leads to games being overtaken by annoying adverts.

Perhaps the prospect of having a pop-up ad bug you while in the middle of a Quake session might be a bit premature, but you never know. More @ netimperative.com .

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