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UKBetting Turns ADSL Gambling ISP
By: MarkJ - 18 November, 2003 (8:53 AM)

UKBetting, an online gambling company, has turned itself into a broadband ADSL offering (27.99) ISP to help boost and compliment its existing Internet gambling business:

The firm is launching an ADSL product that will give subscribers a range of sporting and gambling-related content, as well as a high-speed Web connection. It will cost 27.99 per month -- the same as broadband from AOL and BT.

Ukbetting, which lets its users place bets on a range of sporting events, says it is launching a broadband service product because many of its customers want faster Web access in order to react faster to events, or to help them to compete at online card games.

"Sports and betting fans are amongst the most avid users of the Internet, and for them, speed is absolutely essential," explained David Annat, Ukbetting's content director, in a statement.

We were unable to spot the new service on the groups WEBSITE, although no doubt it will be there soon. More @ ZDNet.

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