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Nildram Offers Bonded ADSL Channels!
By: MarkJ - 19 November, 2003 (9:14 AM)

From December UK ISP Nildram will become one of only a handful of providers (Easynet etc.) to offer business users the ability to 'bond' multiple ADSL connections for higher speed broadband up to 8Mbps:

Nildram make a Bond with Broadband!

Nildram, consistently one of the UK's highest performing providers of Broadband ADSL Internet services, have announced a unique new service enabling users to bond multiple channels together and achieve yet higher connection speeds!

With a reputation as a Broadband 'Leader' since the launch of the Technology into the UK marketplace over three years ago, Nildram has once again pushed the boundaries of what is available to end users - a trend the company established earlier this year with the introduction of 1Mbps and 2Mbps home services, 6 months before the BT launch of the Home1000 service.

Aimed at the business community, where the availability of higher levels of bandwidth has become critical to performance and growth, this unique new Broadband ADSL service enables users to 'bond' multiple ADSL connections in much the same way as it has been possible to bond two ISDN channels to attain 128kbps in the past. Bonded ADSL enables clients to purchase multiple ADSL connections from Nildram and "join" them together to form a single access link. The service allows up to 4 ADSL connections of the same specification to be bonded.

The launch of a Bonded ADSL service from Nildram follows extensive testing - the organisation has successfully been providing bonded ADSL connections on their fully managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for some time and it has proved extremely reliable.

Nildram will be taking orders from the first week in December for their bonded ADSL service. Further information is available on Nildram's Broadband Website at http://www.getadsl.co.uk

Iain Ogilvie, Nildram's Marketing Manager comments: "As a Broadband Service Provider we have a reputation for pushing the boundaries and delivering innovative new services. This announcement typifies this ethos and once again illustrates that we not only listen to the requirements of our customers, we deliver!" He continues: "This new innovation represents an ideal solution for bandwidth hungry businesses, with significant savings over 'traditional' Leased Line solutions."

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