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Freeserve To SPAM Customers?
By: MarkJ - 26 November, 2003 (9:27 AM)

UK ISP Freeserve is set to supplement its TV advertising by sending additional e-mails to its own customers. The mail will invite users to call its package advice line, where they will hopefully choose a better option:

The animated and interactive email, developed by media-neutral start-up Langham Works, asks recipients questions about their online usage habits and offers the same options as the TV ads, as well as a "don't know - further advice please" option, which, if clicked on, leads to the Freeserve package adviser.

June Carter, Freeserve's head of direct marketing, said: "Freeserve has a history of being first in the market with new ideas and solutions. We think this innovation in online marketing has a great deal of potential for us and allows us to deliver a powerful consistent integrated brand message."

Still, at a time when SPAM (junk e-mail) is causing a headache for many Internet users, we can't help but feel that some customers may perceive Freeserve's mail as adding to the problem. More @ Revolution Magazine.

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