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Virgin.net Responds - Everything Fixed
By: MarkJ - 21 November, 2003 (9:49 AM)

UK ISP Virgin.net has kindly responded to last week’s article in which we highlighted the vast number of incoming complaints about their unmetered dialup service (connection problems etc.). Apparently it's all now been fixed:

Response to Dial-up Issues Raised by ISP Review

Virgin.net is aware that there was a problem with its 24seven service last week and the levels demanded and expected by either ourselves or our users were not met.

This was a due to a problem with IP range settings which caused connection difficulties for between 10% and 12% of our 24seven customers. This issue was rectified within 48 hours. The Virgin.net 24seven service is now running
at optimum levels, without any problems and with a generous contention ratio of less that 8:1.

Meanwhile, we are grateful to our loyal users and we thank them for their understanding and patience.

Comparisons with the Top 5 UK like-for-like ISP's show that Virgin.net 24seven is the UK's best value unlimited Internet service whilst winning best UK dial-up ISP in the PC Pro awards for the last two years.

Curious, half of this week’s 16 new complaints spoke of continued problems with the unmetered dialup service. So, for those of you on Virgin.net, has the problem now been fixed? Feedback in the comments please.

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