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Wireless ISP WRBB Delays Launch
By: MarkJ - 19 August, 2003 (8:52 AM)

The recently announced broadband wireless ISP WRBB has been forced to delay the launch of its service because the much needed eqipment has yet to be officially certified. Their website states the following:

WiFi Operators & Users still waiting for certified 802.11g equipment

As part of our policy of transparency, we are writing to everybody that registered for WRBB Sunshine to inform them of the latest developments and decisions at WRBB.

First, apologies for the time it has taken to respond to registrations. We have had far more enquiries than we expected and this took us rather by surprise. We have been working hard to get the automated customer-facing systems up and running but, with so much preparatory work, technical development has had to take precedence over the customer facing developments (much to the dismay of the sales team!).

Impact on WRBB Sunshine launch
Regrettably, these circumstances have had an effect upon the launch of our Sunshine services.

Pausing the G-Day launch countdown at G-6 weeks
There is no impact on the progress of the network backbone development, or any of our other pre-launch operations but we felt we should let everyone know sooner rather than later of our decision.

Delayed consumer testing
Internal testing to date has broadly met with our expectations but we have only been able to trial non-certified equipment. We shall not publish these test results, as they would be misleading in that they may not reflect the results from certified equipment tests. We will publish the results of the trials of certified devices.

No benefit in launching the service until certified devices are freely available
We have considered using certified equipment compliant with the 802.11b standard as an intermediate measure to launch the service. However, the same problem arises in that we still cannot test against certified 802.11g Access Points.

Resume the G-Day launch clock
We will resume the G-Day launch clock once our short listed vendors are able to supply WiFi Alliance certified equipment. We hope the delay will only be a matter of a few weeks but we cannot be certain at this point. We are awaiting vendors updates on this.

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