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EU Broadband Prices Have Fallen
By: MarkJ - 21 August, 2003 (8:39 AM)

Forrester Research has found that the cost of European broadband Internet access has, over the past two years, fallen dramatically. During 2001 only Sweden offered sub-30 per month services, since then six other countries, including the UK, have followed suit:

The countries are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Forrester found that the lowest price was from UTA in Austria with 24.90 for a 768Kbps downstream connection. The cheapest country overall was Belgium where the premium for broadband over dialup was just 25 per cent. As a result Belgium showed the highest broadband penetration at 38 per cent of online households.

In contrast, the premium in the UK averaged 122 per cent with just 13 per cent penetration. Of the 17 countries surveyed, the UK was the seventh most expensive according to Forrester's weighted index, which measures costs against household income. The most expensive countries for broadband are Greece, Ireland and, perhaps surprisingly, Finland.

The PC Pro item notes that incumbent Telco's tended to price broadband at a premium whereas independent ISPs led the way in driving down costs.

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