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Eutelsats Broadband Satellite Delay
By: MarkJ - 21 August, 2003 (1:09 PM)

Eutelsat, the group behind several UK broadband satellite ISP services, has been angered by another delay to the launch of its new e-BIRDô satellite. The e-BIRD has been specifically designed for two-way broadband Internet access:

Following the announcement by Arianespace of a further delay to flight V162, Eutelsat deplores this new postponement and the consequent delay to the launch of its e-BIRDô satellite which is dedicated to broadband services. Eutelsat confirms that the satellite is in excellent condition at the Kourou Space Port and perfectly ready for launch.

Built by Boeing Satellite Systems, the e-BIRDô satellite has been available for several months and waiting for the Ariane launch programme to resume. The spacecraft arrived at the Kourou Space Port on August 1 for a launch which was initially scheduled for August 28 on an Ariane 5 rocket. Arianespace has explained that this new delay is due to a request for additional checks on another satellite to be launched on the same mission as Eutelsatís e-BIRDô satellite.

e-BIRDô is the first satellite in Europe specifically designed for two-way broadband services with an architecture that incorporates the asymmetrical nature of Internet traffic between the request and content delivery channels. The satellite will be positioned after launch at 33 degrees East and will provide coverage of the European Union countries including new entrants, as well as the Balkans and Turkey, through four high-power beams.

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